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CHRISTIAN VALUES BLOG – New Developments: Neville Norcross
The National Society has announced the launch of the Christian Values Blog and Training Activities. These latest developments to the Christian values website were launched last week and will add a new dimension to the support which is currently available to schools.
The Blog has its own button on the opening menu whilst the Training Activities can be accessed within the Resources section.
Schools and Dioceses are encouraged to post material on the Blog. This may be anything from a brief comment to photographs or even video. It is our hope that this will become an excellent vehicle for the sharing of good practice across this country and beyond. The Blog has been launched with material from 2 schools in Liverpool Diocese which have been developing their values work over the past year.
There are 4 Training Activities which cover work with Christian leaders, teachers and governors. The training packages contain everything you will need to deliver a successful training event – PowerPoint presentation, tutor notes, course programme and handouts. All materials are easily downloadable from the site.
Diocesan officers are asked to publicise these new developments to their schools. We know that many schools are engaging with the website as they develop their work on Christian values. It will be really good to receive submissions on the Blog from Dioceses. This is a golden opportunity to share all those good things which are going on and support each other in our work with church schools.
Finally, a thank you to all those who have responded so positively to the website since its first launch. It is very encouraging to hear so many stories of the impact it is having.


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