Diocesan FE/HE Chaplaincy Adviser

Diocesan Adviser- FE/HE Chaplaincies

Chaplaincy work really excites me. I have been involved in 3 Chaplaincies in both Further and Higher Education and am keen to support and develop the work in Chaplaincies across Devon.
We often forget how many people are involved both working and studying in our Colleges and Universities in Devon and they often need pastoral and spiritual support in their place of work or study. Chaplaincies can help to provide this support in an interesting and meaniful way which meets the needs of each College or Uni.
My role is to support, resource, train those already involved with Chaplaincy and to eancourage others to be involved in this fascinating and dynamic area of Christian Mission.

Reverend Cate Edmonds
Further and Higher Education Chaplaincies

Telephone: 01392 294933


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