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Children in the News

CYP Now, Church Times, Guardian and other papers presenting issues that effect the lives of children.

Blogs and articles to get you thinking….

One of the great bonuses of the Internet is that it gives wide access to a range of thoughts and views. Here are some articles and blog entries: February 2011 From the Sheepfold follows how one congregation is using the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd with their children. Cory Centre offers occasional articles on aspects [...]

Exe Valley Holiday Club ‘Waste Watchers’ review

During the last week of July the annual Exe Valley Holiday club was held at Calverleigh Village Hall. The Theme for this year was Waste Watchers, we learned about the wonderful world God has made for us to live in. How god created ‘something from nothing’, how Jesus turned ‘Water into wine’, how Jesus healed [...]

Nurturing children should be everybody’s business

Comments By Sir Al Aynsley Green on Friday, July 9th, 2010 (Former Children’s Commissioner)

The Moral of “Toy Story 3″

A blog account of what Toy Story 3 shows about our society today

Election Manifestos

The 3 seperate party manifesto summaries and the new collalition agreements

Children should be participating in mission

Last week the World Missionary Conference met in Edinburgh – In its common call, points 3, 5 and 6 specifically mention the place and importance of children and young people participating in mission. You might want to look ahead of the game and talk with your Diocesan Missioner (or equivalent) about how you could [...]

Theology of work with children

Articles written to help our understanding of children’s spirituality

Does E-Mail Make It Harder to Pray? How the Digital Age Is Changing Spiritual Life

Our increasing reliance on, and even addiction to, electronic media is changing the way we relate to our families and friends, and it may even be rewiring our brains.
It is also rewiring our relationship to God.
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A survey of 3,000 parents and 1,000 children has revealed that parents spend on average 49 minutes with their children each day. 68% of parents identified that money was one of the reasons for this. Read more by clicking below.