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Websites for Collective worship and assemblies

Walk through the Bible with children

This is a very simple way of learning the Bible. It’s great for those who are teaching out children / young people – and everyone else!

Moving from primary to secondary school

Click below to see a summary of our It’s Your Move! booklet for children about to move up to secondary school. Clergy often buy sets for their local schools, present them in July in assemblies or lessons, fostering strong links with the community. The pdf leaflet gives extra information in case the summary is insufficient. [...]

Good Childhood conversations

After the publication of the research under taken by the Children’s Society called ‘The Good Childhood Enquiry’, the CS are now looking for communities willing to engage with the issues on a local level. There are currently no places in Devon signed up to take part – could your church or local school be the venue to host a community wide discussion?

School and Church

How can you support your local school and what ways can you work with them?
This is a 2 sided leaflet produced by Bristol Diocese crammed with ideas.

Local church, local school

Recommended book to help the local church find ways to connect with their local school

VC and VA differences

For a summary of differences between Voluntary Aided and Voluntary Controlled schools Click here