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Church of England Statistics about Children’s Work

Community involvement More people do unpaid work for church organisations than any other organisation.  Eight per cent of adults undertake voluntary work for church organisations while sixteen per cent of adults belong to religious or church organisations. A quarter of regular churchgoers (among both Anglicans and other Christians separately) are involved in voluntary community service [...]

Children’s Spirituality

16 quotes from books about Children’s Spirituality to get you thinking and discussing

Going for Growth

Click to explore the Church of England’s national strategy for work with Children and Young People

What can CPAS do for you?

If you’re looking for a speaker for an event, or you have a particular issue you’d like to address with local leaders CPAS may be able to help!

Advantages of small churches

Bigger is not necessarily better … good ministry is more a matter of making the most of what God has given us, rather than attempting to replicate what is happening down the road or across the county.

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14 Ways Children’s Ministry Benefits The Children

68 Reasons Why Children’s Ministry Matters:
14 Ways Children’s Ministry Helps Kids
And links to: 8 Ways Children’s Ministry Helps Families, 24 Ways Children’s Ministry Helps The Church,
8 Ways Children’s Ministry Helps Everyone, 14 Ways Children’s Ministry Helps Kid’s Learn

Volunteering in Parishes

VIP – Volunteering in Parishes was established in 2007 to promote best practice in enabling effective participation in mission and ministry. The workshops and published resources are led and written by Barbara Wallace.

The Good Childhood Enquiry

Click to find out more about the Good Childhood Enquiry and how it could impact your work

Latest STAR – January 2011

Training events, resources, interesting articles and much much more. Click here to see the whole bulletin.

Rural life for children

Life in the countryside The idea of living in a rural retreat with only birdsong for company might appeal to some. But for many children and young people, rural living can bring challenges. This report from the Government’s Rural Advocate focuses on children and young people and brings to light some key statistics and concerns which [...]