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Going for Growth

Click to explore the Church of England’s national strategy for work with Children and Young People

Auditing your Children’s Ministry

Some downloadable documents to help you audit your children’s ministry Auditing your Children’s Ministry – STEPS Audit Grid for listing existing work Audit of groups

Children and Communion Books

Books to help your congregation understand, books to help children understand.

How to recruit and keep volunteers

7 pointers in your quest to find and keep volunteers.

Toddler Groups Advice

Devon County Council document bank for those looking after children in various settings including Toddler groups. Really helpful templates for 5 steps to risk assessments, accident logs, incident logs, fire risk etc.

Dad and pre-school group

Dambusters Dads & pre-school group run by a church in Essex but why not set one up in your area? I’m around to help you think through the practicalities.

Moving from primary to secondary school

Click below to see a summary of our It’s Your Move! booklet for children about to move up to secondary school. Clergy often buy sets for their local schools, present them in July in assemblies or lessons, fostering strong links with the community. The pdf leaflet gives extra information in case the summary is insufficient. [...]

Children and Bereavement

Books that could help children are as follows: ‘Amy and Tom’ – The sudden death of someone is a great trauma. How do you help children begin to understand what has happened? How do you support them through the adjustments and emotions which follow? Of course, there is no one, easy answer. But  Amy and [...]

Special Needs

This links to a brilliant homemade video film about Aspergers Syndrome made by young people with the syndrome from York. It’s very insightful and may help to reflect on our practise with children and adults with aspergers/ ASD  in church and clubs.

Development chart from cradle to grave

Growing up The United Methodist Church (from America) has produced a Development through the Lifespan chart which looks at life from cradle to grave. Included in it are the gifts each age has to offer, the needs they might have, the vocations to which they may be called and the expectations they may have of [...]