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FE / HE Chaplaincy

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FE Chaplains Training 2011

Follow this link to download details of the FE Chaplains’ Training 2011.

FE Chaplains’ Training 2011

Follow this link for details of the FE Chaplains’ Training Residential 2011.

Students are our Future

Students are our future! What will these students mean to you in the future? Did you know that there are 15,000 plus students in Further Education and 50,000 plus students in Higher Education Colleges and Universities of the Diocese and these are supported by well over 6,000 staff?  What an audience!!! How well do we [...]

FE Colleges with Chaplaincies

Links to FE colleges with chaplaincies given here.

FE / HE Chaplaincy

Download leaflet and watch presentation on chaplaincy in FE/ HE by following this link.

Diocese of Exeter Children’s and Young People’s Team Strategy

Click to explore the Diocesan strategy for work with Children and Young People in parishes, mission communities, FE and HE instituions and schools