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Sample Freshers Leaflet

Click here to download a sample leaflet for freshers.

FE / HE Chaplaincy

Download leaflet and watch presentation on chaplaincy in FE/ HE by following this link.

Supporting Chaplains

Follow this link to watch presentation on supporting chaplains.

Chaplaincy Explained

What’s it all about? Follow this link to watch presentation on Chaplaincy explained.

Who Supports Chaplaincies?

There is plenty of support for chaplains, here are some to choose from. (Please note some of these are links to external sites over which we have no control.) Diocese of Exeter Learning and Skills Council Churches Together UK Churches Together in Devon The National Ecumenical Agency in Further Education (NEAFE) and the Faiths in Further Education Forum (FIFEF) [...]

Diocese of Exeter Children’s and Young People’s Team Strategy

Click to explore the Diocesan strategy for work with Children and Young People in parishes, mission communities, FE and HE instituions and schools