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Cathedral Service 2011

Follow this link to view the slide show of this year’s cathedral service.

Headteacher R.E. Conference 2011

Follow this link for details regarding R.E. Conference 2011.

Drake’s CofE Primary School

Follow this link for info on a school’s improvement in league tables

Diocesan Schools’ Newsletter January 2011

Happy New Year to all of our Church Schools! We hope the White Christmas brought an extra cheer to everyone and that the New Year has got off to a good start. We would like to welcome several new headteachers to our community of Church schools: Neil Swait at Kenn CofE Primary Tricia Palk at [...]


Follow this link for answers to frequently asked questions from clerks to governors.

Christian Values Blog

CHRISTIAN VALUES BLOG – New Developments: Neville Norcross The National Society has announced the launch of the Christian Values Blog and Training Activities. These latest developments to the Christian values website were launched last week and will add a new dimension to the support which is currently available to schools. The Blog has its own button on the opening menu [...]

Primary Age Playing Cards

Primary Age Playing Cards Tuesday 23rd Nov, 2010 by superadmin Categories: Primary, Schoolswork Plus, Schoolswork Plus The new playing cards contain 52 brand new questions, and are geared towards the 7-13 yr old age group. This means they are suitable for use with the primary age group, middle schools and also in secondary schools with lower ability students. They [...]

Three Faiths Forum

THE THREE FAITHS FORUM Excellent opportunities for school linking and helpful website resources ‘Shared Futures works with a diverse range of schools with a religious character embedding linking activities across all key stages, working in both the Maintained and Independent sectors. We support senior leaders and teachers to create meaningful linking encounters for their [...]

Doing God in Education

DOING GOD IN EDUCATION: A report by Trevor Cooling, published by Theos A helpful easy to read defence of the contribution of theology and religious belief in education with a message for teachers, advisers and SACREs. It makes the case that education is not neutral or objective and religious world views and values have [...]

Banner Celebration for 200th Anniversary of the National Society

Follow this link for details on the Banner Celebration on the 19th February